PKI Resources

  1. USPTO Certificate Policy - Official USPTO IPKI CA's CP
    • SHA1- 4E4FE8BBF3BCC32E3D0C06E4F96910B371B2D3DF
    • SHA256- A8FCCC71831AF10E3B282EAD2A2E0BC3284F7705DAA91B8A8CE5D34AE70EE8E6
  2. USPTO Memorandum of Agreement with Federal Public Key Infrastructue (FPKI).
    • SHA1- d271621a14e650de4940ec3de7a1a3e7b781f3ba
    • SHA256- 04df59d529384f88e6fc35fecb0556659a13273f01259e65ada354adfa4cd8c6
  3. USPTO's IPKI CA Certificates - Contains all the past links and current certificates.
    • SHA1- 6c1661c72ae2ca6dbeb28e8ad54050046a564678
    • SHA256- 6bf44b328645ea8c49b77eed256e8420a99e328fbdcd2b141466c0dab399e89a
  4. USPTO IPKI CA Certificate Revocation List - Current CRL for USPTO's IPKI CA
  5. Certificates issued to USPTO by the FBCA - This P7C file has the latest cross certificate issued to USPTO IPKI CA
    • SHA1- 3B04DCE078186BB20815309ABC6DE9BAFBD0B503
    • SHA256- 7466444669C143265B8FEDF71B00182CC05C7BDAC338946C10375E4F5E8440EF

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